Stanford Trust Class Action

Lillie, et. al. v. Stanford Trust Company, SEI Investments Company, Inc., SEI Private Trust Company, et. al.;

AFFIRMED by United States Court of Appeal for the Fifth Circuit, No. 19-30705;

DISMISSED by No. 3:13-cv-00150, United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana


     On May 2, 2016, Judge Godbey appointed the law firm Preis Gordon, APLC (“Preis Gordon”), Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as Class Counsel based upon their past experience in similar litigation with similar legal claims. Preis Gordon has worked on this Action since August 2009, and has spent time and resources identifying and pursuing these claims and other claims in state and federal courts at every level including the United States Supreme Court.   If you have questions about whether or not your rights may be impacted by the Action, please contact Class Counsel by phone or email:


P.O. Box 2786 (70821-2786)
450 Laurel Street, Suite 2150
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
Phone:  (225) 267-5252


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