Published July 5, 2024 (The Advocate)

Louisiana's long awaited trial over $5B Ponzi scheme is near. Will it be open to the public?

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Trial Nears in Class-Action Lawsuit Alleging State Failed to Protect Investors from Ponzi Scheme

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900+ Victims, 14 Years in Court; Plaintiffs in Ponzi Scheme Lawsuit Say Time is Running Out

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900 People Sued Louisiana Over a Ponzi Scheme. One Jury Will Decide All Their Claims, a Judge Says

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Fifth Circuit Ruling Appears to Leave Louisiana Victims in Stanford Suit Out of Options

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Louisiana Fraud Victims Who Lost Millions to a Ponzi Scheme Can't Sue Financial Firm, Court Says

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Stanford Case Attorney: Most Victims Have Given Up Hope of Recovering Money

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Baton Rouge federal judge asked to rethink dismissal of Ponzi scheme class-action lawsuit

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A decade later, Ponzi scheme victims in Baton Rouge still enduring their 'financial Katrina'

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Broken trust of Stanford Group fraud still impacts Baton Rouge

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Stanford Group class action lawsuit transferred to Baton Rouge

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Appeals court: Class-action negligence claims can proceed against Louisiana financial regulators in Stanford case

Published March 19, 2012 (Law360)
5th Circ. Revives Stanford Suits Against Proskauer, Others

Published December 5, 2012 (WAFB)

Stanford victims' lawsuit granted class action status

Published August 20, 2009 (WAFB)
Stanford investors file suit against LA